Day: November 24, 2020

Caring for countertops made of natural stone and granite

The hardness of natural stone varies from rock types. Not all granites have the same hardness, and some marbles are not as soft as others, so conclusions about the type of stone and their use can be misleading.

Granite is generally very hard and is resistant to scratches and heat. Again, marble is generally soft and prone to scratches and scuffs. For this reason, granite is the ideal stone choice for kitchen countertops and marble is most often used in bathrooms, on walls, floors and vanities.

Most granite does not need to be sealed and is resistant to water and stains well. This will not work on all granite. Therefore, we recommend sealing the granite at least once a year as you cannot seal it. If water seeps into the surface and the stone turns darker as it gets wet, your stone is prone to stains and should be sealed. It is important to use the correct sealer. We recommend Dupont StoneTech products and you need to choose one that is especially suitable for your stone. The brands and products we recommend may change over time as chemistry continues to evolve.

Daily use and care

Clean the surface with a mild detergent, rinse with fresh water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use detergents containing abrasives as they can tarnish the surface. The Marble Institute recommends using a regular stone or car wax to prevent water penetration, stains and dullness.

To avoid scratches, chipping and cracking, do not drop or drag items on the surface. This can scratch or scratch the surface. So be careful not to do this. Don’t stand or sit on your counter. Excessive weight can cause stones to break or crack, especially in the front or behind the sink or hob. The stone is exceptionally thin in these spots.

To avoid stains, use a coaster or coaster, clean spilled materials, and avoid acidic substances such as citrus fruits, tomato products, and wine. See below for annual maintenance.

Annual maintenance

Sealing your stone is at least an annual event. If your large family uses the kitchen counter every day, or if you use it for little The water test (if it becomes darker when wet) is a quick and easy way to determine if you need to cover the stone immediately.

Think of your counter like your car. If you want your pro stone countertops to look new every time, keep the wax clean and don’t let people drag things or hit your surface. You protect, take care of it, and think twice before you put anything on it. You will not go over the roof of your car. So if you want to replace the light bulb above the sink, use a ladder or stool instead of climbing up the counter.

A Classy Look Without High Maintenance: Quartzite Countertops

Renovation of a house or office requires proper planning and concentration on various aspects. One of the most important things to consider is the material used as the countertops. One of the most recommended material is quartzite countertops. So, if you are also planning to renovate your house or office, you can learn more about them through this article.

What is quartzite?

Quartzite is a type of metamorphic rock. It is formed by altering the compositional features of quartz-rich sandstone by factors such as heat and pressure. These are mostly found between the convergent tectonic plate boundaries. The conditions there prepares an interlocking crystalline material of spectacular strength. There are various benefits provided by quartzite. Some of them are discussed in the next section.

Why use quartzite?

  • Marble view: The quartzite countertops look like marble. If you are fascinated with marbles but have no time to maintain them, quartzite is a good alternative.
  • Durable: Quartzite is a long term investment. If you do not wish to spend a lot on your furniture from time to time, quartzite is the best you can use.
  • Less maintenance: As already mentioned, it requires very little maintenance. Just soap and water can again make your countertop look fantastic.
  • UV resistant: It does not fade away. If you place it at a place with an enormous amount of sunlight, it will not fade away because they are resistant to UV radiation.

There are the perks quartzite offers you. With the increasing demand for the product, the number of competitors is also increasing. You might get confused about what to buy and where to buy. The next section deals with it.

Tips for deciding your quartzite

  • Recognize your need and make sure quartzite match your way of living.
  • Consider it as a long term investment and choose accordingly.
  • Choose a supplier with good communication skills, so that he can suggest the best according to your need.

These are a few tips you should know before using quartzite for your furniture. They are a very good alternative to marble and granite. They provide a classy look to your house along with the comfort of low maintenance.