What are the symptoms of head lice and its treatment?

Basically, if you have head lice then it will be really irritating for you to live with an itchy head. The treatment of these is really necessary and for the best one, you have to see all the symptoms first. The people living in the Tampa area can go for lice doctors Tampa from one of the best websites for these is Lice Doctors. There you will get full service from the starting of your appointment to the end of it.

What are the basic symptoms?

You will feel a tickling or something is moving on your scalp. Itchiness will be there as it is caused by them when they bite you to get the blood. Sore of your head and these can sometimes become infected as well as they are caused by scratching. You will feel irritated and frustrated from this all the time.

For its treatment

You can choose two options for these problems first is the over the counter and another is a prescription medication.

First of all, you have to remove all the clothes and apply lice-killing medicine. This use should be taken as per the instructions given on the bottle. When you apply this don’t rinse it off with anything like shampoo. And after that don’t rewash your head for at least one or two days. After this wear something else. Now you have to comb your hair and if there are no dead lice found then may the medicine is not working.

When you are done with this process then it’s better for you if you go to a professional for other medication and get rid of this problem. And it is recommended that you should check if you feel something at your initial stage and try to remove it.