Typical Golden Retriever Health Problems

Golden Retriever Health Problems

The majority of Golden Retriever health problems are also the result of genetic disorders. The best Golden Retrievers go to great lengths to eliminate some of these disorders, or at least not to breed dogs that have these disorders. These dogs are, to an extent, victims of their popularity. Being one of the most popular breeds in this country, and in large part due to their uniform temperament and generally happy disposition, many breeders, both amateur and professional, have put so many retrievers in the market that having genetics become difficult Increasingly, anomalies are avoided.

While the list of diseases to which the golden retriever is susceptible is fairly extensive, most of them are not dangerous and most of them are very rare. However, some of them are very common and some of them may be very dangerous. We will take a look at the most serious diseases that affect the health of the golden retriever, and we will note again that with proper breeding, the chances of a dog contracting one of these diseases are greatly reduced.

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Golden Retrievers are more likely to get cancer than any other disease. In fact, cancer causes just over 60% of all Golden Retriever deaths, and is thus the leading cause of death. Understanding Cancer in Golden Retrievers, especially leukemia and lymph system cancers, keep a dog’s average lifespan at around 10 and a half years, which isn’t too bad for a medium to large dog. Besides cancer, the most common affliction faced by recoverers is a deformity of the hip joint. This condition, called hip dysplasia in dogs, usually occurs genetically, but can also occur in later years due to environmental conditions. The disease can be disabling or simply manifest as inflammation of the joints in a dog’s later years. Many dogs with this disease do not show any symptoms.

Two other types of illnesses that affect golden retriever health are heart disease and various immune system problems. Heart and immune system problems actually affect many breeds, some more than retrievers, but they are mentioned here because they are among the half a dozen ailments that the Golden Retriever suffers most often.

It’s worth repeating that many golden retriever breeders are hobbyists, and some even own puppy mills. From these breeders, especially puppy breeders, you are more likely to get a dog who may develop one of these dangerous diseases, even if he has a genetic defect or anomaly. A professional breeder will not sell you such a dog if there is any suspicion of such a problem. Golden Retriever’s health may seem fragile, but in fact, with a little care and caution, you can easily buy a pet that has an excellent chance of a long and healthy life.