Outstanding Tactical Video Game for Microsoft Windows 

XCOM: Chimera Squad is one game you will fall in love with at first sight. You will surely enjoy playing the game and you will find yourself always coming back for more. It is a special video game with so many gameplay concepts that will help to specially accelerate the pace of the gameplay. The special touches make the video game a lot more interesting than anything you could have ever found in any of the precious games in the XCOM series.  The game was published by 2K Games and it runs on the Unreal Engine 3. It is, however, available only on Microsoft   Windows operating system and this means that only devices that run the Microsoft office can be used for playing this game. The game was first released to the general public in 2020, April 4 of that year to be precise.  It belongs to the Turn-based tactics genre of games and its mode of play is the Single-player mode.  You can check over here to learn more about this special game.

Several features make this game to be really special and outstanding. We are going to discuss some of these outstanding features in the remaining part of this write-up.

Special gameplay

As mentioned earlier, the XCOM-Chimera Squad is a single-player game.  The single player is saddled with the responsibility of controlling the game and managing the squad. The squad is made up of 11 characters; these characters consist of both humans and aliens.  Each of the characters is embedded with a special skill and it is the duty of the single player to know how to combine each of these skills towards keeping City 31 safe, secure and peaceful.  You can check over here to learn more about the gameplay.  The characters in this new game in the series give the player a better experience compared to what obtains in the previous game in the series.

The video game is divided between noncombat and turn-based tactical combat activities of the characters.   The noncombat activities in the video game occur in the strategy layer of the game and have to do with planning.  In this layer, the single player will be free to carry out series of essential activities as highlighted below:

  • Assigning of squad members to investigations
  • Upgrading of equipment
  • Upgrading of squad members
  • Modification of squad members

The strategy layer can also tell the player about the level of unrest occurring in City 31 and the player is expected to address the unrest fast.

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