How to cook like boss on your camping?

A lot of people would love to go for trip atleast once a year. Men and women both will have different kinds of places as their favourite. Women and girls would love to spend their time in beach, theme parks, zoo, garden and so on whereas the likings of men would be of adventure based. It includes trekking to hills, forests, camping in the forest area and much more. Especially while camping, we have to take care of ourselves including feeding us food. You just can hunt whatever you want if you are allowed to and cook your own food with few resources available. A firewood is more important to cook your food. You can find a lot of waste woods along the forest area but you’ll need a splitting ax in order to cut the firewood into smaller pieces to use it for the camping fire.

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Most of the men would love to do rough cooking with the help of smoke from the firewood. It is not just for making the character of the specific person class and manly but the taste of the food cooked using that smoke would be great to taste. Read below to know how to cook using firewood. They are as follows,

  • Make sure you have the ingredients along with spices needed to cook your favourite food. Then, find a big log of firewood nearby on which you’ll need a splitting ax to split the wood before you can use it.